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Our Background.

Mologic has, when you add it up, hundreds of years’ experience in applying the fundamental research behind diagnostic development for healthcare. That’s a lot of hard graft in industry and academia, and that’s the foundation of our successes.

Mologic have a proud history in forming lasting partnerships, both academic and commercial. Our collaboration with Newcastle University, in particular with Rob Edwards and his colleagues, has resulted in a Lateral Flow product we are excited to bring to your field. Blackgrass can cause heavy yield loss, so obtaining clear information on non target site herbicide resistance via a quick and simple test provides cost and time savings, empowering the farm to make informed decisions. Our research is advancing towards extending the portfolio of innovative agricultural diagnostic devices, so look out for Mologic!

Mologic – Big in tiny science

Newcastle University “Our Vision”

The development of a herbicide resistance diagnostic for blackgrass is founded on 20 years of research into the underpinning science of the chemical control of this weed carried out by Rob Edwards’ research group (see references). As part of the current AHDB/BBSRC funded Blackgrass Resistance Initiative, we have prioritized realizing the outputs of this research into practical tools that can assist the UK arable farming industry in dealing with its current number 1 agronomic problem. Working with our commercial partner Mologic, this diagnostic technology is a world first in ‘on farm’ technologies that give agronomists and farmers a real measure of the degree of non-target site herbicide resistance in their blackgrass populations. We look forward to working with the industry in developing new weed management and decision tools based on access to the underpinning science of resistance.


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