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About BReD.

A technology that works on farm and gives new data within minutes of testing.
An accurate identification of NTSR black-grass is the first step for planning effective grass-weed control
A real-time detection of Non-Target Site Resistance (NTSR) black-grass provides information for growers to make immediate adjustments to black-grass control and to monitor the effectiveness of strategies to tackle it.
A quick and easy to use detection method enables growers to map NTSR black-grass in different areas of the fields within hours.
A decision tool to predict the likely effectiveness of post-emergence herbicide treatment prior to application.


General advice on NTSR herbicide resistance testing in black-grass on the farm

To accurately assess NTSR in black-grass population, the test samples should be as representative of the weed population as possible

Do not take samples from just one area or one patch of black-grass in the field

One sample per patch should be the representative of that particular patch

Test black-grass from multiple patches within the field

Results may vary from field to field, so re-test at as many sites as possible

The results from one farm cannot accurately predict the NTSR status of black-grass on neighbouring farms

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